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Oct 17, 2012 9:30am PDT
things you need to know. >> this is rachel. she is talking about living like a biblical woman and in fact rachel did this for an entire year and has now written a book about it called "a year off biblical womanhood." >> we're talking about the bible in general. for example, proverbs 31:15 is saying that the woman has to rise every day before dawn. rachel did this. calling her husband, dan, master. proverbs 31:23 states that a woman's husband is respected at the city gates so you see in this picture she made a sign that says "dan is awesome" and stood at the city limits sign. >> basically she turned herself into a servant. >> yes. her goal was to showcase that this is a very different kind of life than women actually lead today so evangelicals might open their minds a little bit more and women co roles in the churc. but she went through this process for an entire year. she said some of it was fun, some of it was funny and some of it was just purely terrible. she had to learn how to make her own clothes. she does have her head covered. the book is set to come out on october 30th and many ch
Oct 5, 2012 9:30pm PDT
to introduce rachel hiatt from the transportation authority to talk to this item. >> good afternoon commissioners -- that it it for planning with the transportation authority, thank you for having rachel and me the present on the long-range transportation planning update to the transit system partition plan. i appreciate the comments of commissioner antonini and several of you speaking to the tremendous challenge that we have; the existing needs and the mass of the place on it every day for all communities but especially communities who our transportation captive and have fewer choices and rely on public transit. for example we have been in discussions with your staff and the rest of the region as you know about the regional planning initiative; san francisco have demonstrated leadership. we can continue to do so, with the help of the public and you all elected leaders i know by way of introduction to rachel hiatt will present an update that we have a leadership roundtable, all participated. as well as several board members; they noted that every day the planning commission, mta bo
Oct 21, 2012 4:20am EDT
listen to the end of that as opposed to it hanging up when rachel introduces herself. >> we have a couple of questions from in the room and e-mail that relate to other panels coming up in the day. i will hold those for the moderators of those panels. the last question, will the power. slides be made available after today? the answer to that is, yes. they will be posted online so you can have access to them. some of the info graphics will be available for people in the room today outside on the table. with that, i will turn it over to the next panel. let me thank the chief technology officers. [applause] i will turn it over to my colleague robert to introduce the next panel. >> you guys can come on up. good morning. i am robert anguizola. in case you do not know, our division handles the policy work and enforcement around the "do not call" list and tsr provisions that inhabit a legal robocalls. it is my pleasure to introduce our industry panel. is our representatives of the telecommunications industry that have been kind enough to share their challenges dealing with robocalls. hopefully, w
Oct 28, 2012 11:00pm PDT
race. from our roundtable, from msnbc, rachel maddow. "new york times" columnist, david brooks. "washington post" columnist, ej dionne. former ceo of hewlett-packard, now vice chair of the national republican senatorial committee, carly fiorina. and our political director and chief white house correspondent, chuck todd. >>> good morning, on this sunday, as if it weren't enough to have an incredibly tight race, we now have inclement weather that is bearing down on the east coast. hurricane sandy, a super storm as described this could affect more than 50 million people along the east coast. we've got all of this covered, including the political ramifications of the storm, in the coming days as we are just nine days to go until the election. i want to go live first to asbury park on the new jersey shore where nbc's al roker will take us through the latest. including, al, what you were talking about yesterday, which is we could see the aftereffects of the storm right through election day. >> exactly, david. this is a monster storm. right now it's about 260 miles south-southeast of
Oct 28, 2012 8:00am PDT
. from the round table, from msnbc, rachel maddow, new york times columnist david brooks, washington post columnist, former ceo of hewlett packard, carly. our chief white house correspondent, chuck todd. >>> announcer: from nbc news in washington, "meet the press" with david gregory. >>> good morning on this sunday. as if it wasn't enough to have this tight race, we have inically mat weather bearing down on the east coast. hurricane sandy, a superstorm. it could affect 50 million people along the east coast. we have all of this covered including the political ramifications of the storm in the coming days. we are nine days to go until the election. i want to go live first to asbury bark on the new jersey shore where we go through the latest, including what you were talking about. we could see the aftereffects through election day. >> exactly, david. this is a monster storm. right now, it's about 260 miles south-southeast of cape hatteras but it's also 395 miles east of new york city. it is a sprawling system. tropical force winds extend out 500 miles from the center of the storm. this is 1
Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm PDT
." msnbc's coverage of the vice presidential kdebate continues with my colleague, rachel maddow, coming up right now. >>> it was the most watched vice presidential debate in history. it was one of the most watched political debates ever. >> hey, can i call you joe? >> tonight in danville, kentucky, it's the rematch. sort of. vice presidential joe biden is back in blue. but in red tonight, it's the young congressman who wants to be known for his budget. >> i'm kind of a numbers guy. >> the poll numbers for romney and ryan soaring after the first presidential debate. democrats openly counting on joe biden tonight to stop that republican momentum. >> osama bin laden is dead and general motors is arrive. >> the 2012 vice presidential debate starts right now. >>> happy debate night, everybody. the best television series of 2011 was the republican primary debates. there were 1 million of them. they played to huge audiences week after week and never disappointed. now it is october 2012 and the most compelling thing on television anywhere in the country is once again the debates. only now there ar
Oct 16, 2012 5:00pm PDT
, rachel maddow. >>> political common wisdom say debates don't move the needle. >> in my state, when people lose their jobs, there's a good chance i'll know them by their names. >> they may be compelling, they may be revealing, but supposedly they don't change the state of the race. so much for that. tonight, round two. obama versus romney. after round one shocked the race. >> what are the major differences between the two of you? >> romney got no lift from picking his running mate. romney got the opposite of a lift from his convention. romney got buried after the other side's convention. nothing was working, until that clear win in the first debate. >> i don't have a $5 trillion tax cut. >> now, after the president's muddled first night, saving his best shots until the morning after. >> the fellow on the stage last night, who looked like mitt romney, said he did not know anything about that. >> after his vice president pulled no punches -- >> that's a bunch of malarkey. >> tonight in a way that the common wisdom says it never should be, tonight the race hangs in the balance. msnbc's covera
Oct 29, 2012 3:00am PDT
. rachel maddow is here from msnbc. carly fiorina. david baracrooks from "the washington post." i feel it's going to be dominated by the economy. it can tip the scales. we have seen an argument from the president that is about trust. this is how he lays it out against governor romney. >> there's no more serious issue in a presidential campaign than trust. trust matters. you know, you want to know that the person who is applying to be your president and commander and chief is trustworthy. that he means what he says. that he's not just making stuff up depending on whether it's convenient or not. >> how is he using that argument to advance that cause? you cannot trust what you are going to get to lead to economic recovery? >> i think the president is -- as the race gets narrower and narrower, we focus on smaller and smaller places and voters. it's a very resonant argument. we are talking the economy in the midwest, in ohio. on the integrity issue, the trust issue, romney went to defiance, ohio and told a group of 11,000 people jeep is about to move all of their production overseas. i read th
Oct 22, 2012 5:00pm PDT
for being with us. right now, msnbc's coverage of the presidential debate continues with my colleague rachel maddow. >>> after eight years of george w. bush, america made a clear choice. >> bomb iran, bomb, bomb, bomb, any ya. >> in our last election, war was at the center of the debate. >> at the time when the war started, you said it would be quick and easy. you knew where the weapons of mass destruction were. you were wrong. >> four years has gone by. the war in iraq, over. bin laden, dead. the middle east and revolution in chaos. dictators overthrown and a new american election that was never supposed to hinge on foreign policy comes down to a last debate on foreign policy. >> you said in the rose garden the day after the attack it was an act of terror. it was not a spontaneous demonstration? >> the polls are tied. the election is 15 days away. voting is already underway in ne nearly every swing state. and it is because of that shear competitive need that america's longest war still grinding on and our veterans and our diplomacy and our role in the world is thrust back to center stage. m
Oct 13, 2012 4:00am PDT
," rachel smith, joining us from l.a. this morning. hey, rachel. >> hey, guys. nice to see you this morning. the big question is, does kanye west have marriage on his mind? the rap star has a new song called "white dress." and it sounds like it could be played walking down the aisle with girlfriend, kim kardashian. he raps about a white dress with a 30-foot train. and drops the line, that says you're the kind of girl in a probably deserves a new last name. "white dress" is featured on the soundtrack for "the man with the iron fist," in theaters next month. >>> kanye may want to give gwyneth paltrow and cameron diaz, a little help with rapping. this is something they could use a little work. take a listen. ♪ we're coming at you like us ♪ ♪ you drink too much >> wow. that's all we could show on morning tv, folks. the actresses, they get a little bit naughty. >>> and everybody knows luke on "modern family" as the dim-witted goofball of the dunphy family. actor nolan gould is a genius. the 13-year-old graduated from high school this summer and hopes to do online college courses. gould act
Oct 29, 2012 6:00pm PDT
to rach rachel maddow as "the rachel maddow show" starts now. >> we'll keep good custody to the crane cam. thanks for staying with us for the next hour. only eight days from now, a week from tomorrow, vote iing will bn nationwide in the presidential election. and on a normal night, the story of that election being this close to upon us, that would drive our coverage and dominate this news hour. but tonight is not a normal night. right outside this building in the biggest city in the country, there's a massive storm that's just made landfall and all day long has been imposing its will on the atlantic coast from the carolinas all the way up to new england. it has toppled cranes on skyscrapers. this is that crane falling today. yeah, it has toppled cranes on skyscrapers, it has flooded the eastern sea board. it has messed up the presidential election. but this giant storm called sandy is not over yet. the storm making landfall just outside atlantic city, new jersey, at 8:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. forecasters calling sandy a post pos post-tropical cyclone which might sound better, but it
Oct 2, 2012 7:00pm PDT
pleased to be joined by rachel grady and heidi ewing, the filmmakers behind detropia. you may have seen their award-winning documentary, the boys of more rocca and jesus camp. heidi and rachel, welcome inside "the war room." >> it is a pleasure to be here, governor. >> thanks a lot. >> jennifer: you bet. so let me start with you rachel. why did you call the film detropia when the utopia part conjures up images of paradise? >> well, we -- it could go either way actually. it could be interpreted as utopia or a distopia. and you know, detroit has the legacy of being the original you on utopia of the american dream of a place that the middle class could flourish. a place where you could own your own home and own the product that you made. and our question is has it turned into a distopia? can it become a utopia again? what is it to the viewer when you watch our film? >> jennifer: i'm curious heidi, after making the movie do you feel more or less hopeful about detroit's future? >> that's a complicated question. i
Oct 19, 2012 9:00am EDT
is calling? >> hello this is rachel at card holder services calling in reference to your current credit card account. there are no problems currently with your account. it is urgent that you kangt us concerning your eligibility for lowering your interest rates, your eligibility expires shortly. please consider this your final notice. please press the number one on your phone now to speak with a live operator and to lower your interest or press the number two to discontinue further notices. thank you. have a great day. >> is that voice familiar to any of you in the room? raise your hand if you got a call from rachel? wow! i have too. well, there we go. well, let me tell you this, rachel. as the subject of more than 200,000 complaints to the ftc every month, as a major source of anger and irritation across the country, you are now public enemy number one. we don't know her face actually. we can't see her face but we know she is a bad human being. [laughter] look at some of these tweets. can we scroll some of the tweets? and you will understand why this summit is called, robo calls, all the rag
Oct 22, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. lawrence? >> thank, rachel. you played mitt romney in the debate prep. when you were playing mitt romney, did you say we are going to be out of afghanistan by 2014? >> no. >> why didn't you say that? >> because mitt romney hasn't said it and he's never said it. i mean, my head is dizzy tonight trying to follow mitt romney. >> you were shocked when you heard him say it again. >> i was. because weeks ago mitt romney said, i'm going to listen to the generals. you made a mistake, mr. president, to set a date certain. you never should have announced it and now tonight he agrees. this is a man -- i have to tell you, tonight we saw a commander in chief and a candidate in total confusion who is -- if you're leaders in the world, you're scratching your head tonight saying, how could the american people possibly elect a guy who has changed his position every few months and doesn't know what he's going to do in foreign policy? i thought i was listening to the wikipedia candidate tonight. he would say, oh, there are taliban in pakistan. they have nuclear weapons. but what's the policy, governor? wha
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
, rachel maddow. >>> four years ago, there was no incumbent in the presidential debates. >> if you want to run against president bush, he should have ran four years ago. >> four years ago, barack obama and john mccain faced off in a first debate that was nearly canceled when the republican suspended his campaign because of the meltdown on wall street. the day of their second debate, the stock market dropped 500 points. >> now the troubles are spreading. the market took another dive today, and there are some big names now involved. >> reporter: the day of the third debate, the stock market dropped over 300 points. >> fear that the country could be entering in one of the most serious recessions in decades, led by wall street's 700-point sell-off. >> now four years later, the president who faced john mccain in those debates and beat him faces his new republican challenger for the first time. >> i'm looking forward to head to head. >> an mirror image of '08, a campaign is chaotic mash. new issues, new controversies, every day. the polls are bad for romney and good for obama in the swing sta
Oct 31, 2012 11:00am PDT
, of course. let's bring in the political panel. david goodfriend and rachel smelkin. thank you both for your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i want to get to this poll showing the president still holding on to his lead in ohio, florida and virginia. we know that when you look at national polls, depending on which one, a different picture but it is about the battlegrounds and likely voters here. what do we make of the new polls? >> hurricane sandy introduced a massive unknown in to the final days of the race and that's the first thing. we are not yet seeing that reflikted in the polling. having said that, it looks for the president's team like they're still holding on in ohio. the margins closed there as in other battleground states but that's an all-important state for both campaigns to win this election, mitt romney is almost going to have to win ohio if not he's going to have to run the table everywhere else. this is a good piece of news for the president out of ohio today. virginia and florida just too close to call. well inside that margin of error. could go either way. but for all
Oct 24, 2012 2:35am EDT
and rachel and the ending that almost wasn't. eight years after "friends" a new secret about the smash hit show is finally revealed. it is all coming up in "the skinny." >> remember that finale well. 50 million people tuned into that one. so, tell you what is going on. new information coming out. >>> we begin with the global economy and stocks falling badly overseas after a bleak earnings reports back here at home. >> japan's nikkei closed the earlier session down by 30 points. traders around the globe concerned now about losses by big name companies in the u.s. here is abc's sharyn alfonsi. >> reporter: that closing bell sounded like the end of a prize fight, but there was no winner. stocks tumbled across the board after a series of low earnings reports from some big household names. first, chemical maker dupont reported 98% drop in profit. declining sales across the world and announced it will cut 1,500 jobs. xerox reported earnings down too, 12%. consumer product giant -- 3-m scaled down future earnings projections sending the stock south. add to that unrest in spain, european debt conc
Oct 29, 2012 6:00am PDT
for the revival. nhk world, ogatu, myanmar prefecture. >> rachel ferguson is here with the latest on hurricane sandy. rachel, how is the storm shaping up? >>> we're going to get you the most recent figures on this hurricane. it is a very intense system, and you can see here if i pull back to the front to see just how strong these winds are that we're going to be dealing with not just today but for the next several days. so this is hurricane sandy, currently a category 1 system. we have tropical storm warnings turning to hurricane warnings along the coast here, and then hurricane-force wind warnings in the blue to green there. not sure what to call that. now, the storm is going to be making landfall in new jersey in the evening hours of monday, and then it looks like it's just going to be lingering in the northeast for the next several days. the best part of the week we're going to see this storm or the remnants of this storm just move in towards the northeast and then curve around in towards new england. so it is going to be heavy rain over a prolonged period of time, and these strong winds, a
Oct 12, 2012 7:00am PDT
on the rachel. her fabulous hair with help from science. >> you must have had a rachel back in the day, huh? >> i had a rachel. i think i did. >> everyone did. >> yes. >> do we have photos of you rocking the rachel? do we have photos? >> i'm going to do amy a favor and move on right now. >> thank you. >>> we have a case of the utah doctor accused of murdering his wife. there's a new twist. the doctor's mistress has admitted to the affair in court. saying he moved her into the family home just weeks after his wife's death. linsey davis is here with the latest. >> reporter: jesse willis is her name. and she talks about her relationship with martin macneill on the witness stand. saying, it was just for fun. all eyes in the courtroom wednesday were on 24 woman, gypsy willis. you can see here, as she left the witness stand smiling, her eyes were glued on martin macneill, the man about to stand trial for the murder of his wife, michelle. prosecutors say the year-long affair with willis is the motive. >> the motive will sit well with the jurors. it gives them a hook to justify conviction. >> repor
Oct 2, 2012 2:00am PDT
on "the rachel maddow show," congressman barney frank weighed in on the debate. he explained scott brown's stance and what he believes are inconsistencies in his campaign. >> here's a man who claims he's supportive of a woman's right to choose, who says he believes in legal equality for lgbt people, who believes women should get equal pay for equal work. and the first word out of his mouth on the supreme court justice he prefers is a ranting fervent opponent of all those causes. the other thing that struck me was that scott brown at least a half a dozen times was asked, i'll have an open mind on this. well, i think he is kind of crossing the line from independence into incoherence, and it's because he understands that if he were to say what he really plans to vote, it would be unattractive to the voters. >> lean forward with "the rachel maddow show" weeknights at 9:00 eastern on msnbc, the place for politics. >>> joyriding may land one philadelphia child in jail. police are preparing to charge the 10-year-old with auto theft. surveillance video there shows the young driver crashing the s
Oct 16, 2012 2:00am PDT
on the "rachel maddow show," robert gibbs says the tax cut just doesn't add up. >> there's a $4.8 trillion tax cut that no study that actually looks at the real numbers can come up with a way of paying for it. into that, $2 trillion for pentagon spending and that's how they want to start the deficit reduction conversation. this is all a big ruse for how do we cut taxes for the very upper end and hope that it trickles down for the middle class. it won't work under mitt romney. >> the rachel show airs weeknights at 9:00 eastern. tonight she'll head up our special coverage of the debate beginning at 8:00 eastern right here on msnbc. the place for politics. >>> now here's your "first look" at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. oklahoma senator tom coburn issued his annual report on billions of dollars in wasteful government spending ranging from $300,000 marketing caviar to $90 million in lost taxes because the nfl is considered a nonprofit organization. mitt romney's campaign raised $170 million in donations in september, a little less than president obama's $181 million and romney got mo
Oct 19, 2012 1:00pm PDT
, information item. oh, i'm sorry, carla. >> do we have rachel hyatt from san francisco county transportation? did she turn in a speaker card? >> no. >> is rachel hyatt from the san francisco transportation authority here? i guess not. okay, we'll go on and wait for her to come this and we'll get to her when she gets here. okay, item information, report from the chair. today is friday, october 19th. i hope everyone participated in the shake out yesterday. and if not, it's a good reminder that everyone should have a kit ready for just in case of emergency in case you have it evacuate your house, you should have an emergency kit ready under your bed or in a closet or somewhere so you can do that. and anyone else have anything to say on the shake out? did anyone participate? did you want to say something? >> at our agency we had i think over 100 individual persons there that had participated in the shake out or evacuation location was yerba buena gardens and we set up a camp and it went very smoothly. it worked very well. >> oh, great. all right. moving on to item no. 4 -- 5, i'm sorry. re
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 631 (some duplicates have been removed)